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Sound System Design

A good design is not just a solution, its the art of making the result memorable and meaningful.  

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Professional Installation

We provide clients with fully-integrated AV solutions across the board for residential & commercial spaces pan India, from projection systems, audio systems to home cinema outfitting.

With our team of trained engineers and installation teams, we guide clients through all stages of the project and work closely with architects & contractors to seamlessly integrate technology whether its retrofit or a dedicated space. As of today, over 100+ projects have been installed and commissioned pan India. We guarantee on time service & quick support for all our installs.


Does it matter?

Creating quality recorded sound is a collaborative effort involving a variety of talented individuals and state-of-the-art technologies. The fidelity of today’s equipment is far greater than before…but listeners and consumers need to make conscious efforts to improve the way they absorb and experience media.

Consumer demand for high quality sound is only beginning. Younger listeners are transitioning from ear buds to better quality personal headphone listening. They’re finding that the richness and increased fidelity makes the investment in better gear worthwhile.

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Latest Projects

Sly Granny - Sound Redefined

Sly Granny - Khan Market

The hipster favourite bar from Bangalore has made its way into Delhi’s Khan market. Amazing food, well thought out cocktails, stunning decor and a pleasing sound system make this bar the most looked after spot in the area.

Gaurav Gupta - Sound Redefined

Gaurav Gupta - Mehrauli

One of the strongest voices in couture & fashion, Gaurav Gupta recently launched an enormous store at Mehrauli,Qutub. The store is a couture lover’s delight as it gives you an experiential walk through the entire collection.

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Residence- Maharani Bagh

Andy Home has recently concluded the design and construction of a residence in south Delhi. The house is styled around the georgian revival aesthetic on the outside yet features a fully automated lighting and AV system inside.


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