A musical journey


Why us ?

Sound Redefined was formed after meticulously understanding the Audio/Video consumer market, keeping in mind the advancements in technology and a smart modern aesthetic.

We offer so much more than our competitors, including tailor made solutions, a massive range, committed deliveries, expert service and some great package deals.  

At core we are music lovers & music is our passion therefore our endeavour is always to focus only on the very best specialist products available. The "best" for us doesn't always mean the most expensive, it simply means we pick only the best at each price level to ensure you get exceptional value for money. 

Sound Redefined is a one stop solution for the most advanced and the simplest Audio/Video needs.

We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and customer service. Our endeavour is to provide our customers with exactly what they desire by understanding the slightest of requirements and carefully designing a customised solution. 

Who are we ?

An inspired team of system integrators catering to personal and professional needs. We offer a select range of specialist speakers, hi-fi separates, wireless streamers, sound-bars, home theatre packages, turntables, vinyl, headphones, audio cables, distributed audio systems along with anything else that plays music and sounds great.