Sound Design

Great sound comes with the right System, Setup, and Space.


The Right System

We know that choosing a product that's right for you can be tricky, so our team of expert staff are happy to help. Plus we have a range of services designed to make purchasing, setting up, and enjoying your purchase as easy as possible.

The Right Space

Room acoustics are a large part of the equation in the pursuit of great sound. Room size, shape, and proportions, as well as wall angles, flooring, windows, and doors will all dramatically change the way sound is perceived within the room. This can be easily overcome by computer modelling and Room Eq softwares.

Testing & Programming

3D Modelling & Simulation

3D Modelling & Simulation

On site demonstration


Things we can help with while buying a projector ?

  1. Resolution

  2. Brightness & Contrast

  3. Throw DIstance & Screen Size

  4. Imaging system or Lamp TechnologY

Projector Screen.jpg

Choosing a screen ?

Whether you're looking to build a presentation area for a conference room or a full-scale cinema, a high-quality projector screen is a key part of your toolkit. But what exactly should you be looking for in a projector screen? Let us help you in understanding why a projection screen is more than just a white fabric and how it can enhance your experience.

  1. Type of Screen

    The first step to choosing the right Projector Screen that best suits your particular needs or application, is to choose the type of screen. From the mounting style to the method of the screen’s retraction, you'll want to take everything into consideration when choosing your screen type. Whether you want a fixed one or a retractable one is also a key factor in deciding the screen.

  2. Screen Fabric

    After you've decided on the type and mechanism of your ideal screen, you'll need to select the best projection surface for the job. Different screen fabrics handle different applications and environments, their effectiveness depends on several factors, including the resolution of the media used, the lighting and acoustic conditions as well as the viewing angle of the audience. This is one part that is completely neglected but is essential to get the desired result.

  3. Projection Size

    The size of projection is completely dependent on the requirement or application but is also limited by the available size. Your room might not be flexible when it comes to sizing but once we know the projector in use, its easy for us to figure out the size of the projection area. Whether its a cinema, lounge or an office, the screen size will vary and so will the result.