“ Audio installed already? Great! But don’t miss the final stage— software setup & calibration . Get those right, and that last 10% will make return 100% of the value.”


Audio Calibration

Many audiophiles will change equipment, speakers, or cables in the hope of improving imaging, sound-staging or bass response but miss out that placement of the system is one of the most important parts of the process. Precise speaker positioning can unleash the potential of your expensive equipment, and resolve ongoing bass and sound-staging issues. Most dealers or sellers actually have limited knowledge in this matter. We’ve got something better–a process that combines objective acoustic measurements with critical listening and real world experience.

Did you know ? A good sub, properly set up, improves sound quality by increasing low frequency extension and headroom, as well as reducing distortion. The problem is that most people and dealers don’t have the tools or experience to properly integrate a sub. Well for understanding issues like phase, polarity, crossover eq, you don’t need good ears but good tools.

Running automated programs to calibrate your sound hardly works as every room is physically different and a good calibration mic probably costs half as much as your AVR. So you can very well imagine what its capable of. This rarely optimises everything, and often makes things worse. For true high performance you need a trained Home Acoustics Alliance calibrator to set things up for you.

Video Calibration

What is video calibration?
Video calibration is the process of precisely measuring a display's colour characteristics and adjusting its picture controls in order to produce the most accurate output possible. Video production for movies and TV conforms to an industry specification that defines a very specific colour pallet and detail levels.

Any video display device (LCD, OLED, plasma, projector) that hasn't been properly calibrated isn't showing you the intended vision of the content's creator, and no consumer display produces accurate imagery right out of the box!

Why calibrate ?

A display system out of the box gives you the brightest, sharpest & most saturated image to woo your eyes. Don’t fall for that as that image shadows the real depth and is actually tiring you out. A proper calibration has the following benefits -

  1. Accurate colour

  2. Revealing picture detail

  3. Consistent colour mixing

  4. Minimised artefacts

  5. Efficiency