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Projection & Screens



A typical projector is roughly the size of a large toaster and weighs only a few pounds. Unlike a toaster, a projector provides immense benefits for those who want to display movies, tv Shows or presentations or TV images on a large, flat surface.

With a projector at your disposal, you'll be able to show movies, videos, pictures, business presentations and other displays to large groups of people. A projector operates like an inverted camera by distributing light from its lens rather than receiving it. As a result, a projector empowers you to produce large images with ease. Plus, most projectors are extremely portable, ensuring you can use it for a wide range of mobile applications.



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Projector Categories


Today's digital projectors come in four categories:

  • HOME THEATER - These high resolution HD and 4K projectors are used for home theater and entertainment centers, that bring a cinema-style experience into your home.

  • MULTIMEDIA - Multimedia projectors are typically capable of projecting text, data, images, video and audio content, from various sources like computers, Blu-Ray/DVD players, USB devices; ensuring you can display a broad array of audio/video content.

  • LARGE VENUE AND FIXED INSTALLATION - As the name implies, these high brightness projectors are suitable for medium and large settings, including museum exhibitions, art shows and lecture halls.

  • POCKET - Also referred to as "pico" projectors, these ultra-portable devices can wok with mobile phones, digital cameras and other typical A/V sources, which allow you to display digital images on a nearby surface.

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Projection Screens

Whether you want a screen to roll down from the ceiling or pop up from the floor, we've got you covered. We have screens starting from 84" diagonal going upto 300" in diagonal and if you want a size of your choice then we can customise that as well. With over 5 different kinds of fabrics and multiple options for fixed & motorised screens, you pretty much have all projection surfaces available to choose from. 


WHAt is projection?

Front projection is a two-piece system: a projector that creates the image, and a screen that reflects it. The thought of dealing with two pieces often gives people agita, but in reality projectors are exceedingly simple to set up.

Speakers behind the screen ?

An acoustically transparent projector screen is best suited in a scenario when speakers need to be placed behind the projection screen and you do not want to sound waves to interact with the screen, moving the projection surface and causing distortions to the image or diminishing the quality of the audio by blocking the sound waves.

Projector Brands

Screen Brands