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Residential Audio

From ceiling speakers in the washroom to a private cinema in your basement, we have a huge selection of products in different shapes & sizes to choose from. All the brands in our portfolio & their products are not only well designed but are also built to last. At last, we choose only one brand in each category and ensure that every area of AV is fulfilled within our portfolio.

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Dali A/s

DALI, Danish Audiophile Loudspeaker Industries, grew out of Scandinavia's leading audio retail chain called HiFi Klubben in 1983, based on the observation that customers often requested a combinations of size, shape, performance and price that existing brands could not offer.

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Emotiva is a company comprised of true audio enthusiasts, engineers, and product specialists. Everyone in the company, from the engineering team, to the manufacturing group, to the support staff, has your ultimate home entertainment experience in mind.


Golden Ear Technology

The GoldenEar Technology line embodies revolutionary engineering breakthroughs, while adhering to the standards of superb sonic performance, elegant styling and exceptional value that Sandy and his design partners have always used as a benchmark.


Quested speaker systems can be found in some of the world’s most respected recording studios, production facilities and private studios. Choosing to build a reputation not based on advertising but by recommendation Quested is now 31.

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Truth in Sound is the guiding philosophy of MartinLogan. Their mission is to use this unique and astonishing technology to render the most complex musical passages as faithfully to the original source as possible.

Bluesound Logo.jpg


The Bluesound ecosystem uses your home wireless network not just to stream music, but also to communicate with other BluOS-enabled players on your network. The ecosystem can connect up to 64 players and can play your music in perfect sync, or play different music simultaneously.

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Marantz Hi-fi

Marantz knows that true hi-fi is about being able to reproduce the magic of a performance. It’s about experiencing music just as the artist intended, even in the cinema. It is music that delivers the ecstasy and agony of a film’s story.

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In 1972, a new kind of audio company was born. NAD took form when a large group of audio-industry importers in Europe, all music lovers, set out to develop products that cut through the industry hype. Today, NAD is still driven by the mission to deliver true-to-source sound.



Sonos is the wireless Home Sound System that fills as many rooms as you want with great-sounding music, movies and TV. Stream via WiFi and amp up every moment with intense, pulse-pounding sound.


JL Audio focuses on delivering unique engineering, superior quality and high-performance audio to its customers around the world. Behind all their efforts is a strong belief that great audio has real value, and that the customers can ‘tell the difference’. All JL Audio products are manufactured or assembled in the U.S.

Audioquest - Sound Redefined


AudioQuest has been the most significant cable supplier to the high-end specialist market for many years. AudioQuest focuses on delivering excellent value and performance in every product the company develops.